The Door

Metropolitan International School

My go to school

For this short motion piece by Giulia Xia Hue Bochnig and Nicolás Pablo Grone, the script written by Ida Sorella Bahmann served as the starting point. Visualizing the benefits of joining the Metropolitan Internation School to cultivate empathy, a passion for the world and a love of challenge, was our obsession here. 


Client: MIS
Art Direction: Giulia XiaHue Bochnig
Animation: Giulia XiaHue Bochnig & Nicolás Pablo Grone
Music & Sounddesign: Giulia Xia Hue Bochnig
Production: Nicolás Pablo Grone
Text: Ida Sorella Bahmann
Voice Over: Willow Mason
Voice Recording: Oliver Zimmermann
Year: 2019