Inflection Point

Composed by Davor Branimir Vincze

A point on a curve

An Inflection Point is a point on a curve at which the curve changes from being concave to convex or vice versa. It could also be descibed as the beginning of something new; things are still the same but they are beginning to change. This momentum is marked by the inflection point. In our work „Inflection point“ we explore the possibilities for a visual expression of this point. Therefore we capture close images of a number of phenomena involving frequency, magnetism and multiple tensions. We also aim to discover various stages surrounding the inflection by extracting numberous states and changes in transformation.

„Inflectionpoint“ was composed by the Croatian contemporary composer Davor Branimir Vincze, who currently lives in Paris.In this film we worked with a shortened version of the piece.



Visuals by: Linda Weinmann & Nicolás Pablo Grone  
Composed by: Davor Branimir Vincze
Performed by: Ensemble Modern
Conducted by: Reinbert de Leeuw
Introduction by: Peter Osborn
Mixing & Sound: Hans Leitner

HdM Stuttgart 2015